If you’re looking for custom jewelry in Scottsdale, you already know you can’t just choose any jeweler. You have to find someone that can truly understand what you’re looking for. Someone who can take your ideas, colors, and concepts and translate them into a piece that takes your breath away.

Someone like that is not easy to find. Fortunately, there are some essential qualities you can look for that will help you find your perfect gemologist.

A Great Ear and a Great Eye

Of course, a jeweler that designs custom jewelry has to have a great eye. They have to know what is currently trending and what styles work best with what people. They have to be able to transform abstract ideas into concrete art.

Would it surprise you to know that your dream gemologist also needs a great ear?

Too many artists are caught up in their own ideas about what makes great art. They know what they find aesthetically pleasing, and they build everything according to those concepts.

That’s fine for someone who is creating a jewelry line, but for custom work you want someone who truly listens to you. Someone who cares about your vision, your ideas, and your needs. When you find your perfect gemologist, it will be because they’ve listened, identified a common thread, and used not only your magazine clippings, social media pins, and words, but your emotions and expressions as well.

Location Independence is Key

A great custom jeweler is someone who is not limited by location.  Wouldn’t it be great if your custom jewelry in Scottsdale came from someone who you could also recommend to your friend in Omaha? Or New York?

Having a physical store location limits both a jeweler and her clients. There’s tremendous overhead that adds to the cost of designing and creating jewelry. There’s a limit to the geographic range of the service requiring you to physically come in for appointments, which can be a pain.

Instead, look for a gemologist who isn’t tied down to a physical store and all the costs and frustrations that come with it. This person is free to focus on you.  You need someone who can create amazing custom jewelry in Scottsdale while also serving clients around the country.

Expertise and Certifications

Custom jewelry isn’t something you should trust to just anyone. You want to find someone who has been doing this a long time. Someone who has proper training from a well-known educational institution like the Geological Institute of America.

A Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA has rigorous requirements that ensure graduates are well-prepared for any challenge in jewelry design. The program requires you to earn eight different certifications and is a serious investment of time and money. Someone who has become a Graduate Gemologist is well-qualified to design your custom jewelry.

Knowing the art is essential, but so is understanding the overall retail climate and what styles and trends are moving in and out. Someone with training in retail has additional assets that will help them turn your ideas into the custom piece of your dreams.

Custom Jewelry in Scottsdale

If you’re interested in a custom jeweler who truly values you as a client, who has a great eye and a great ear, you’ve come to the right place. At Forever Facets we have almost two decades of experience designing jewelry, and as a Graduate Gemologist, Julie is highly qualified to serve you.

We know that every single piece we create tells a story, and we’re eager to help you share yours. For an appointment to begin creating your unique piece, contact us today!

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