Custom wedding bands aren’t just for rock stars and Hollywood starlets anymore.  Custom wedding Custom Wedding Bandsbands are for anyone who wishes to pursue an original design for a timeless piece of jewelry. They’re for the couple who wants something unique and can’t find what they want  in a retail shop or online. They’re for the couple who wishes to capture memories they share and to celebrate a special bond. They’re for the couple who wants to fully express who they are as well as a sense of adventure and romance in their up and coming marriage! And the good news is, this can likely be achieved with your budget.

What is a Custom Wedding Band?

A custom wedding band is a special ring selected by a couple to complement both the bride’s engagement ring and, if applicable, the groom’s ring. Rather than selecting from a catalog, the couple chooses to have a ring that incorporates their likes, desires, and even wedding bands from previous generations.

Designing the perfect custom wedding band can be a challenging but rewarding process. It’s important to discover the right synergy between your style and his so that your gorgeous ring will be one you’ll wear forever.

Styles of Custom Wedding Bands

Custom Gold Jewelry Makers in Phoenix - 5 Key Questions to AskCustom wedding bands are often one of a kind, but not always. Have you spotted wedding bands in a magazine or ring sets on Pinterest that inspire you?

Consider your personal style. Do you prefer vintage, romance, and nature? Or are you more modern and outgoing? Are you drawn toward hearts, flowers, or geometric shapes? Organic waves, or clean lines? Would you like to incorporate certain gems into the design? Consider all of these questions  before finalizing on a custom wedding band design.

Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

Traditionally, wedding bands match both the engagement ring and the groom’s ring, but this is not a hard Custom Gold Jewelry Makers in Phoenix - 5 Key Questions to Askand fast rule. In fact, as the times change, perhaps tradition will too. Consider the idea that your two rings could complement one another, though not necessarily match, in the traditional sense.

When it comes to your engagement ring, does the metal, stone shape, and general appearance informs the style of a corresponding wedding band? Do you desire the wedding band to fit flush with your current ring, or would you prefer that they maintain a space? Do you enjoy the appearance of one large ring, or two separate ones that also look fantastic together? Are you active or do you work in an office setting?

Additionally, consider your husband-to-be’s preferences for his ring. Even if his style differs significantly from yours and you still desire a “match,” is there a shared element you could express in a ring? Shared elements could include the same metal, rings that fit together, a shared theme, or a special message engraved within the rings.

Custom Wedding Band Ideas Galore!

Consider the following ideas when pondering the design of your rings, and then run with it to make it truly your own.

  • A scene from a favorite destination.
  • Lyrics from a favorite song.
  • Incorporating one another’s birthstone, name, or initials.
  • A pattern on the outside of your ring, mirrored on the inside of his.
  • A shape on your ring (one half of a heart, symbol, or message, etc.) that fits together with his.
  • Flowers, leaves, mountains, flowing water, animals.
  • Words of love in an alternative language.
  • Religious preferences or designs.

How Custom Wedding Bands Are Designed

A personal and meticulous process ushers each piece of fine jewelry from initial vision to final finished product. This involves discussion of ideas, selection of gemstones, hand-drawn sketches, computer aided design, and 3D wax printing. And this is all before the execution of a beautiful custom wedding band. I invite you to learn more about our design process!

Why Every Bride Deserves a Custom Wedding Band

Wedding bands are among the most precious of custom jewelry, worn for a lifetime and passed to the next generation. When you consider how many years your finger will be lovingly adorned with your wedding band, why not pursue exactly what your heart desires?

Where’s the Best Place to Buy One?

Selecting the best jeweler for your custom wedding band is one of the most important decisions to make in preparation for your wedding day. You’ll want to make sure you have a listening ear, a design receptive to your vision, and a patient willingness to not stop until your final ring is perfect.

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect custom wedding band, trust someone who is an expert gemologist and a veteran in their field. Offering exceptional attention to every last detail, I intuitively understand the special nature of custom design and am delighted to assist you with yours. Feel free to contact me today!

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