One-on-One Consulting

The perfect story deserves no less than perfect jewelry. Why settle for anything less? Meet me one-on-one for the special attention you need. I will spin your dreams into an intricate work of art as unique as your journey.

Diamond Eternity Band

Round Brilliant Diamond


Handcrafted and Timeless

Choose a gift as everlasting as your love or create a beautiful item that commemorates a significant event in your life. Each piece of jewelry is expertly hand-crafted to stand the test of time. Decades later, your prized possession will shine no dimmer, and the design shall be just as beautiful for generations to come.

Only the Finest Stones

At the heart of every stunning design is a beautiful stone. Each gemstone is carefully cut, weighed, and polished to perfection. Only the best gems for each specific project get chosen. Discover how gemologists grade stones. Let’s find the perfect stone for your project!

Forever Facets, Inc. provides the one-on-one attention you need to discover the perfect jewelry. Whether you need a beautifully-crafted classic or a more contemporary design, each work of art will last for generations.

Two decades of precision jewelry manufacturing under one roof…

Forever Facets, Inc. is entirely run by gemologist and jewelry designer Julie Schwalbe. Julie is a graduate gemologist and award-winning former board member of the Women’s Jewelry Association. She regularly attends trade shows to study the latest design trends and explore the finest jewelry and gemstones.


Full Matching Sets

Express yourself in a single, bold statement. A matching set designed just for you can bring out your style and tie together any outfit. Make it yours with a hand-crafted matching set.