You’ve made it ten years! An entire decade since walking down the aisle. It’s time to celebrate, perhaps with a unique piece of fine jewelry specially crafted for your beloved. What’s unique about 10 year anniversary jewelry? Read on for seven things to consider.

1) Type of Metal and Stones

Traditionally, the type of metal that best celebrates the ten-year milestone is silver. This could be 10 Year Anniversary Jewelryextended to a white gold or platinum jewelry piece, but do keep your wife’s preferences in mind rather than sticking to tradition only. More on that below!

The diamond is the gemstone of ten years, and diamonds can be incorporated into earrings, bracelet, a ring, necklace, or broach. If including several stones for a bracelet, it makes sense to use ten stones for ten years. For earrings, on the other hand, one could choose 1.0 carat total weight shared between two diamond studs, or perhaps 1.0 carat each.

2) Consider Her Style

Style is paramount when considering a purchase of 10 year anniversary jewelry. Take a moment to consider your significant other’s style. What jewelry does she already wear, both in her everyday life and for special occasions? Does she enjoy wearing earrings? How many ear piercings does she have?

Does she wear long chandelier earrings, hoops, studs, or perhaps a combination?

When considering diamond stud earrings for your special gift, consider first if she would be likely to wear them regularly. For many mothers of small children, diamond studs are the perfect solution, as they go with every outfit and can’t easily be pulled off by little hands.

On the other hand, would she prefer an elegant bracelet? For this one, consider her day to day lifestyle. If she is active, plays sports, or is always digging in the garden, a bracelet may interfere with her activities. However, if she works in an office, dressing to impress, her style may naturally gravitate towards a delicate diamond bracelet, and this could be an excellent choice.

3) Consider Her Lifestyle, Hobbies, and Interests

After narrowing down the type of 10 year anniversary jewelry your beloved would prefer, you’ll want to consider her personality. What are her hobbies? Where does she enjoy spending her free time?

An interest in guns could inform a creative design of diamond bullets; a passion for horses could be expressed with a unique pendant. Is she patriotic? A dog lover? Proudly Irish? A fan of a certain band, song, or lyrics? The possibilities for customization are endless.

Another custom element of a jewelry piece with stones that reflects personality is the cut of the gems. Explore the different gem shapes available. Would she enjoy sentimental heart-shaped stones, or perhaps an elegant marquise?

4) Complement Her Favorite Jewelry

Does your wife have favorite jewelry she wears regularly? Does she have that one necklace from her grandmother that she hardly ever takes off? Don’t make her choose between your new gift and her old standard – consider a complementary bracelet or earrings instead.

What metal does she usually wear, silver gold, copper, or more of a mix-and-match? The choice of metal is very important to many women who prefer one or the other to best flatter their natural skin tone. Choose something that complements her existing favorites, and you can’t go wrong.

5) Celebrate Children

You’ve made it ten years – what kind of milestones does this decade include? Have children come into your life, forever changing you and bringing you closer than ever? Incorporating birthstones into your 10 year anniversary jewelry gift is the perfect way to celebrate children.

Take a look at the different birthstones for each month and consider how they might be incorporated into a bracelet, necklace, broach, or earring set. Celebrating children together in this way can set your gift apart and makes a bold statement about the value of family.

6) Time and Budget

Ideally, the time needed to design and produce a quality custom piece of jewelry is three to four weeks. However, if an urgent need exists, the right jeweler can work with you to meet most of your needs. Give me a call to discuss your piece, and I’ll share the best options to proceed.

Consider your budget as well. You’ll want a realistic budget so look around and get a feel for what similar items cost. I can work with a range of budgets and knowing the parameters of time and budget will help me serve your individual needs.

7) Surprise Her  with 10 year anniversary jewelry

Now that you’ve chosen the best 10 year anniversary jewelry to celebrate the big occasion, how will you present this special gift to her? The same place you first proposed? A special restaurant, right before the dessert? A picnic in the park, a canoe ride across the lake, or a treasure hunt through your backyard?

Regardless of method, the way in which you give your beloved her gift will be memorable for years to come. Check out specific ideas how to plan, wrap, and present the jewelry to enhance the experience of receiving your gift. The presentation is key!

In an age of constant change and upheaval, ten years together is truly an achievement to celebrate. And honoring your beloved with beautiful, timeless jewelry can be a deeply meaningful testament to this milestone. Let me know how I can help you create the special piece she’s always dreamed of.

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