Having an engagement ring wedding band is a rarity. Most couples prefer having both an engagement ring and a wedding band. But if you’d like to entertain a combination ring, here’s what you should know.engagement ring wedding band

What is an Engagement Ring?

Dating back many hundreds of years, the engagement ring is a gorgeous token of love offered to a woman at the time of a marriage proposal. She wears it upon her acceptance as a sign of her commitment to her beloved. Popularly consisting of a single diamond on a band of precious metal, engagement rings can also be solid bands incorporating meaningful words or designs.

What is a Wedding Band?

Wedding bands are rings, often matching, that are exchanged between husband and wife at the time of marriage. The man’s is usually thicker and simple, though it may also contain small gems or designs as preference dictates. The woman’s can consist of a simple metal band, a band of diamonds or other gems, or a stylized band that fits together with the shape of the engagement ring, making it appear as one complete ring.

Can You Have an Engagement Ring Wedding Band?

Traditionally, brides receive two rings, the first at the marriage proposal or early in the engagement, and the second at the wedding ceremony. However, there are as many variations on engagement ring wedding band combinations as there are love stories. No need to follow conventions if you don’t want to.

If selecting one ring, the bride may choose to wait until the wedding day to wear it. Or instead, she could wear it throughout the engagement and remove it before the wedding ceremony to use as the wedding band.

If selecting two rings, there are many options. You may wish to design a “set” of two rings that are meant to fit together. You may choose a complementary pair of rings that “stack” one atop the other. Another option is to select a wider, decorative engagement ring and pairing it with a thin, tiny wedding band. So many beautiful choices!

Considerations when Shopping for an Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

There are many things to consider when shopping for an engagement ring wedding band. From budget to design, you’ll want to ensure the expert you select knows exactly what you want.


An excellent place to begin is to consider the savings you’ve set aside for this once-in-a-lifetime purchase. This will help you determine whether or not to include diamonds in your design as well as their size, clarity, and quantity. Your budget may also help narrow down the metal you choose.


There are several choices in precious metal for the rings, including gold (yellow, white, rose, or green), silver, platinum, titanium, palladium, and tungsten. You may also wish to mix metals within one ring set for a unique look.

Diamonds and Style

Would you prefer one classic solitaire, or perhaps a dazzling trinity of stones? Another popular option, especially for the wedding band, is the eternity band, also known as an infinity band. This elegant band features a continuous line of identical gems, usually diamonds, encircling the ring.

Symbolizing a never-ending love and fidelity shared between husband and wife, the eternity band’s diamonds can extend fully or halfway around the ring. However, this should be a choice reserved for ladies who would not jeopardize their jewelry with rough use or an active lifestyle, as the prongs in an eternity band are delicate.

The Groom

Is the husband planning to wear a wedding band? Traditional in many cultures such as Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, American men’s wedding bands have grown in popularity in the last century. Many husbands choose to match or compliment their wives’ rings.


There is a myriad number of designs which with to embellish an engagement ring and wedding band. Patterns or flowers, classic or artistic, the design of a ring set can be unique as the couple themselves.

A very fine level of detail can be achieved with a wax carver that the specialized technology of CAD can’t yet achieve. But rest assured, we collaborate with skilled wax carvers to ensure a highly personalized fine design every time.

Seeking an Expert

If you’re in the exciting time of life and are shopping for an engagement ring and wedding band, consider consulting with an expert in the field. I can help you find the right ring for you and your loved one. Give me a call today!



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