Crack! The ball connects with the wood and sails toward the sky. The hitter rounds first base . . . on through second . Custom engagement ring on baseball. . past the shortstop, flying through third . . . and sliding into the plate! It’s a home run!!

Baseball has always been a big part of Matt Leon’s life. And growing up outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it simply came naturally to cheer in the stands for the home team, the Brewers. So later as a young adult when he scored a position working with the team, it was a dream come true. Now if only he could find that special someone with whom to share his passion . . .As destiny would have it, Matt soon met Brooke Schwalbe, and it was love at first sight. Brooke was four hours away attending Purdue University while Matt was in Milwaukee, and they at once began a long distance courtship. During that time, the couple grew closer, as their spirited personalities and multiple, shared interests melted away the miles.

But as anyone in love knows all too well, there is a limit to enduring the distance between hearts. Upon graduation, Brooke enthusiastically packed up her life and followed her love to his new job in Nashville, Tennessee. They quickly settled into life in a new place, Matt working for the Brewers’ Triple A team and Brooke landing a position as the veterinarian technician at a local animal clinic.

The Design of Brooke’s Ring

Family is very important to Matt, and he wanted to honor and involve both sides of their families in their upcoming union.

First, the ring! Matt selected the gorgeous round center stone and decided on white gold for the metal.

Next, upon hearing of Matt’s intentions for her beloved daughter, Brooke’s mother, Forever Facets gemologist Julie, spoke up. Would Matt like to use the diamond from her own first wedding ring and the diamond from Brooke’s grandmother’s wedding ring? Overjoyed, he gladly accepted the gracious offer.

At the same time, Matt’s family volunteered the multiple diamonds from his own grandmother’s wedding band. Wow- what a loving family he had and was marrying into!

But would all these precious family stones come together to make the perfect match? Julie suggested trying for a match with a special three stone ring.

As no two diamonds are alike, the three stone diamond ring is very difficult to create with existing stones. To be successful and synergistic within one ring, each diamond must be similar in color so that they appear equally clear. Additionally, the stone’s facets must be similar so that they reflect light with equal brilliance.

Amazingly, the stones matched! Matt’s diamond was placed center stage, the diamonds from Brooke’s family, flanked the sides to form three diamonds, and Matt’s family stones were placed down the sides of the band.

Matt Leon and Brooke Schwalbe – A Home Run Proposal

The Proposal

Both families gathered in Nashville, and the parents of the future bride and groom met for the first time. Excitement, joy, and pride were shared by all, and they marveled again at how both families’ diamonds were able to come together to create such a perfect ring for Brooke. And what luck that the two people they cared about most had found one another and were about to make the perfect match!

wedding bands with baseballThat day, Matt stopped by the hotel room to pick up the ring, his eyes alight with anticipation. And when he first picked up and held the exquisite ring in his hand, tears pricked his eyes with emotion. He was blown away. Today was the day! Buoyed up by family members’ wide smiles and tender words of encouragement, with ring in hand, Matt headed off to meet his destiny!

That afternoon, Brooke arrived home from work, expecting only to be welcomed home by her friendly pooch. But when her dog ran up to greet her, she immediately spotted something out of the ordinary attached to the dog’s collar – a brightly colored ribbon delicately tied around the most beautiful engagement ring she had ever laid eyes on.

Matt rushed to her and knelt down on one knee. And now it was Brooke’s eyes that welled up with happy tears. As they say, the rest is history. The delighted pair soon realized that their initials, with the last name of Leon in the center, made MLB. “Major League Baseball!” exclaims Matt with a grin. And so it was only fitting that the wedding’s theme revolve around none other than baseball, America’s pastime and a game symbolizing a home run future for the happy couple.

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