The warm glow of candles lit up her happy eyes, and Michael simply could not wait until the moment the champagne and cake with those playful yet enduring words “Will You Marry Me?” made their way to their table. He knew this would be an evening like none other he and Kristin had previously enjoyed at their favorite neighborhood Italian bistro. Suddenly, a hush fell in their corner of the restaurant, and patrons’ curious murmurs caused her to lift her gaze. The moment had arrived!

Michael and Kristin

Sharing a circle of friends during their school days at Saint Louis University, Michael Breheny and Kristin Sheldon always delighted in one another’s company. “We were just friends!” they insist, but deeper affections were kindled a few years later when they crossed paths again. Their foundation of friendship and similar values, coupled with a shared vision of the future, provided an almost effortless courtship. Despite time and distance apart, the miles would melt away as they made the trip between St. Louis and Decatur, Illinois many times to be together.

Engagement Rings

One evening while relaxing on the couch and watching television, the conversation turned to engagement rings. Kristin and Michael had talked of marriage before, and that night briefly indulged in looking at pictures of rings over a commercial break. Michael somehow remembered every detail of those precious few minutes and would later turn to Julie of Forever Facets to help him design the perfect ring for his beloved. “The most beautiful yellow gold ring with an oval diamond and a thin diamond band,” remarks Kristin fondly. “It could not be more perfect.”

The Proposal

Michael and KristenBut first, to propose! Michael decided to surprise Kristin on the weekend she was to run a half marathon in St. Louis. He arranged for both the couple’s families to arrive in town to celebrate, but Friday night was his. Setting the stage at their special place, cozy I Fratellini around the corner from her home in Clayton, Michael supplied the manager with the cake and champagne, awed his sweetheart as he went down on one knee, and the rest was history. “Luckily, she said yes!” he effused, and the happy couple celebrated with their families all that night and through the weekend.

A Vibrant Future

The future is vibrant with possibilities for Michael and Kristin, and they look forward to traveling, starting a family, and perhaps even building their own dream home on a farm someday. For them, the future begins in St. Louis this coming August. Treasuring her engagement ring and the story behind it, Kristin and Michael are now working with Julie on their wedding bands.

“Julie has been a family friend as well as an extraordinary businesswoman for as long as I have known her,” reflects Michael. “My father and brother-in-law have consulted Julie on numerous occasions to create the perfect piece of custom tailored jewelry. It was a no-brainer for me. When I knew I wanted to start looking at rings for Kristin, Julie was the first person I called.  I often say, it is unbelievable how she made one of the biggest decisions of my life seem so easy because of how good she is.”

To learn more about Julie and her passion for crafting the perfect piece for your occasion, click here.

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